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Flashing, Norwalk, CT If leaks or water spots appear on your ceiling or you see damage around chimneys, siding, or skylights, it may be time for a flashing repair. Your roof flashing protects the joints, corners, and angles against water penetration. If your home or commercial building has failed to flash, it must be fixed immediately. Else, it can place the roof and the building at risk of water infiltration and potential damage. If you need professional flashing replacement or repair services in Norwalk, CT, or the surrounding areas, you can trust the experience and expertise of Roofing Solutions of CT.

Importance of Properly Functioning Flashing

The flashing has an important role to play for your roof and building. It protects the roof at the corners, where the different angles meet on the roof. A well-designed and durable flashing will direct the flow of water away from your building. When it gets damaged or comes off, it can cause water to leak in, which can result in water damage or mold. Whether you need flashing repair, new installation, or replacement services, we can take care of your project. We can ensure that the job is done right the first time.

Causes of Flashing Damage

There are many causes of damage to the flashing. Some of the common issues that we come across and fix for our clients include:

  • Improper Flashing Installation: The flashing will serve its purpose only if it is installed properly. This requires no gaps, excess nail holes, or dents. We often come across poor installation jobs that create pathways for water or water collection spots. This results in chimney leaks.
  • Damage by the Elements: Strong winds and storms can dent or even lift flashing. Heavy rain and ice or snow can cause rusting, leading to leaks.
  • Pest Damage: Birds and rodents can pull up the flashing or cause dents, resulting in the accumulation of moisture. Raccoons and squirrels can mess with your flashing and create major water damage.

Flashing repair or replacement is a job that is best left to licensed experts. You cannot just choose any roofing contractor for the job.

Popular Flashing Materials

Copper flashing is among the most popular roof flashing materials. It is valued for its malleability and durability. Aluminum is also popular for its durability and flexibility. We will use the right type of material depending on your location and the existing materials and aesthetics. Some of the other options include:

  • Composite materials
  • Steel
  • Plastic

Choose The Experts In Flashing Repair & Replacement

If you are looking for an experienced, professional, and licensed flashing installation and repair service in Southwestern Connecticut, you can trust Roofing Solutions of CT. When you choose us, you can be assured that our experts will take your flashing job seriously. Whether it is a repair or installation job, it will be done properly the first time. You will not have to worry about any issues down the road.

We are your one-stop roofing experts in Norwalk, CT. We provide installation and repair services for flashing, full-service roofing jobs, siding, gutters, windows, skylights, and decking. Whether it is for your home or commercial building, you can call us at 203-838-0235 to discuss your flashing or other roofing requirements. You may also write to us using this Online Form and our experts will call you back as soon as possible.

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