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Home Improvement Services in Fairfield County, CT

Home Improvement, Fairfield County, CT Roofing Solutions of CT provides a variety of roofing and related services to customers in Fairfield, CT, and the surrounding regions, such as window and siding installations. Our company offers uncompromising quality and reliability, and you will be pleasantly surprised at the pricing structure we maintain.


Gutter installations are an essential part of every home remodeling or new building project. You can avoid water damage with a properly functioning gutter system, and we deliver custom-designed, seamless gutters with connections that improve strength and longevity. Our highly skilled crew will fabricate your guttering systems on-site. We provide standard and more oversized channels to promote drainage and decrease clogging. Hidden fastening systems and gutter screens can improve both aesthetics and function.

We provide a variety of material alternatives for you to choose from, and you will not have to stress about any holes or leaks if you choose seamless gutters. We have the experience and resources to handle your gutter installation requirements, no matter how big or small they are. We install new gutters, as well as handle gutter maintenance, repair, and replacement.

When gutter systems fail, they may cause concerns that you may not discover on your own. The roofing or eaves might suffer a variety of concealed defects, often resulting in structural damage. Our guttering repair services can assist in resolving a variety of issues, and the specialists may do routine checks to spot problems before they transform into expensive repairs or replacements.


Windows are one of the most customizable components in your home or commercial building. They let natural daylight into the rooms and allow for ventilation. These improvements contribute to increased energy efficiency and enhance the exterior appeal of your property. Given these considerations, it is critical to select high-quality window replacement alternatives whenever it's time to update or modernize them.

We are your trusted service provider for high-quality products and superb craftsmanship. Connecticut winters can be bitterly cold, and you'll want to keep your home's interiors warm and comfortable. Replacing your existing windows can help you to maintain the indoor temperature by up to 50%. We install energy-efficient windows built using cutting-edge technology.

They blend high-performance double-paned glass with energy-efficient frames. Your house will be more pleasant through all the seasons if you choose the most up-to-date window technology. These windows can also lessen the impact of solar heat by approximately 50% or more while minimizing noise pollution and increasing curb appeal.


When visitors look at your house, one of the very first things they notice is the siding, making it a vital component of your home's curb appeal. We install, repair, and replace various siding to protect your property and improve its beauty. Aside from their cosmetic value, these installations protect your home from the weather and other sorts of harm. Whether you need to replace or repair your siding, having modern siding safeguard your property is always good. High-quality products also help with insulation. We fix and work with a variety of siding materials, including:

  • Shingle Siding
  • Shingle Siding
  • Shake Siding
  • Wood Plank Siding.
  • Board & Batten Siding
  • Metal Siding

No matter how big or small the job, we are the company that can help with the best and most cost-effective solutions. For high-quality new gutters, windows, and siding installation in Fairfield, CT, please call Roofing Solutions of CT, LLC at 203-838-0235. If you prefer, send us queries via this online form, and one of our roofing experts will contact you soon to understand which services you need and provide suitable solutions.

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